Meet the Team



It has been since I was a little girl that I loved the mother-baby relationship. I dreamed of becoming a nurse. Fast-forward, I made my dream come true. I have worked in several different areas of the hospital before landing on the antepartum/postpartum unit commonly known as Mother-Baby unit. I worked as a Mother-Baby RN for almost 7 years in hospitals all across the country. Then my passions continued to evolve.

My love evolved from mother-baby into a sole focus on breastfeeding.  Every mom and baby has a different breastfeeding and pumping journey. It has been my mission to support each mom and her unique goals and visions for herself, her baby, and her family. I’ve been working as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at a local hospital in the East Valley. I love it! An idea struck when my patients would always ask me, “Can I bring you home with me?” Now you can!

The Milk Makers goal is to provide services that give you + your partner the ultimate mother-baby experience before & after you leave the hospital.