The Bump

The Bump | $99

An intimate 1-hour session where I will learn about your pregnancy, your breastfeeding goals, and help formulate a plan for when your baby arrives. We will spend time discussing health history & any breastfeeding questions or concerns. Our goal will be to ensure you are confident & comfortable with the baby. This will include insider tips that will give you a head start on a good milk supply.

Fresh Start Consultation

Fresh Start Consultation | $215

The baby is here! This will include a 2-hour session. We will discuss a plan to ensure the mother-baby relationship is solid. Our goal will be create a plan for successful feeding and troubleshoot any hurdles along the way. We will review health history, physical assessment on mom & baby, and latch & weight assessment.  

Meet Again Consultation

Meet Again Consultation | $99

We are growing, together! This session is designed as a follow up to the ‘Fresh Start Consultation’.  This will include a weight check, update plan, and answer any pending mother-baby questions or concerns. Typically last about an hour.

Pick 2 For You

Pick 2 for You | $285

The best commitment choice and value for you and the baby. Feel free to pick any two packages which either includes The Bump + Fresh Start or Fresh Start + Meet Again consultations.

Pump, Pump, Pump It Up!

Pump, Pump, Pump IT UP! | $75

Let’s discuss your pumping. This session is an overall review of settings for pumps, flange size, and milk storage. Typically lasts about an hour.

Virtual Consult

Virtual Consult | $25

This is a 30 minute online consult that is perfect for a mom that has some questions relating to pumping, going back to work, bottle refusal, flange fit, or weaning tips.

*Please contact directly to book this type of consult*

Post Tongue Tie Release Consult

Post Tongue Tie Release | $99

This consultation is to ensure proper latch and to review exercises and techniques to ensure full release and to prevent reattachment. We will assess a breast feed assist to make sure feedings are going smoothly and there is no discomfort. Consults typically last about an hour.

All consultations are done in the comfort of your own home. My coverage areas include: Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa & Tempe.  Please contact me if you are outside of the listed areas so we can accommodate you.
***All cancellations within 24 hours are $50***